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I'm Katie Clarke, and I provide massage for dogs at their own homes, serving the Surrey Hills area.

I specialise in Galen Myotherapy which is a complete massage and exercise rehabilitation therapy that eases pain and increases wellbeing.

We love our dogs, so lets give them the best care possible.

If only my dog could tell us what was wrong?

As Galen Myotherapist, I am trained to analyse your dog's posture and movement in order to understand areas of pain, weakness or where they are compensating for a problem elsewhere in their body.


The treatments are entirely dog-led; your dog has full autonomy during a session, free to move as well as choose the intensity and pace of the treatment. This is particularly important when your dog is in a lot of pain.


Your dog knows their body best and I'm here to facilitate them.


  • Osteoarthritis

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia

  • Lameness 

  • Altered gait and/or posture 

  • Luxating patella 

  • Maintenance for older dogs, working dogs, competition dogs or developing dogs.

  • Post and pre-operative treatment 

  • and more...

Your dog is unique, so please get in touch to discuss their individual needs.

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What can you do to help?

Many conditions require ongoing care. We can develop a care plan together, enabling you to support your dog at home.

For example, we can work out environmental and activity changes and I can show you how to apply targeted massage techniques.


This way, your dog can recieve ongoing care from the person they trust most.



Treatments take place in the dogs own home and last approximately 1 hr. The majority of dogs will need to be seen for 3 or 4 sessions, 7- 10 days apart before moving onto maintenance sessions.


I am fully insured and work closely with your own vet. Prior veterinary consent must be obtained before the treatment and a written report will be given following the sessions. 


Each treatment cost is £45 within a 10 Mile radius of Cranleigh. 

I can work outside of this area, we will just need to work out travel expenses.

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I have always had a keen interest in animal welfare and rehabilitation. From a young age I have grown up with dogs and owned my own horses.


I qualified in Equine management from Merrist wood in 2004. Since then, I have worked at the RSPCA, in elephant conservation in Africa, competition yards in Australia, as well as the Liphook Equine Hospital (one of the top equine hospitals in the UK) where I qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2016. There I worked as Deputy Head Clinic Nurse before moving to Oak Barn, an independent veterinary practice in Shalford.

During this time I rescued my Jack Russel dog, Midge. He came from a tough background with injuries that required surgery. As a practicing veterinary nurse I was fortunate to be able to offer him a holistic approach to his recovery through adapting his diet, hydrotherapy, red light therapy and massage.


Seeing how this improved his life, reduced his pain and gave him his freedom back encouraged me to train in Canine Myotherapy.

I hope to do the same for your dog too.

Katie has a very natural and sympathetic approach when treating Murphy, it instantly put him at ease. 

I was amazed at the difference in my dog even after one treatment. She worked with Murphy and was very patient reading his body language. 

Everything was explained as she treated him and I was given helpful advice for any aftercare I could do myself between treatments. 

Incredibly impressed and highly recommend Katie.

I can’t recommend Katie highly enough to anyone that wants the best care and treatment for their pets.

Katie started treating my dog (Zeta) after she had spinal surgery for a condition that took about a year to diagnose. When Katie started treating Zeta she was very stiff, uncomfortable and weak through her back and hind legs.

Thanks to Katie Zeta is now a strong, comfortable and happy dog again. I can not thank her enough for what she did for Zeta and I.


Gemma and Murphy

Toni and Zeta



Please feel free to contact me and dicuss you dogs needs.

Thanks, I will be in touch shortly

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